We provide a full range of 3M half and full facepiece reusable respirators/N95 which help protect against particles.

Certain disposable filtering facepiece particulate respirators (like N95) are similar in appearance to many surgical masks. Healthcare workers use surgical masks to help protect the patient.  From particles from the wearer as well as to help protect the wearer from blood. Respirators contain filter media and form a seal to the face. Because this is designed to help reduce the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles, including droplets that may contain viruses.

Reusable respirators must be properly selected and carefully put on and taken off in a clean area. 3M does not recommend cleaning or disinfection of filter media such as disc-style filters. However, some filter products have a hard-plastic case surrounding the filter media. This hard case can be cleaned by wiping the outside surface with a damp cloth soaked in disinfecting solution. These filters with a hard plastic case can be used with 3M half and full facepiece.


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