• Arena 2.1 Surround Bluetooth Sound System

    Store: Space-Tech
    • 12 month warranty
    • Bluetooth
    • 2.1 surround system – 8″ woofe
    • LED display
    • SD USB AUX
    • FM 
    • Remote control
  • Bose Soundlink 2+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Bose Soundlink 2+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker –

      This product has designed to deliver best quality sound, moreover it is small, durable and simple to use. It comes with voice prompts that talk you through Bluetooth® pairing. Connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth® enabled devices and make you comfortable in hearing Clear sound



     USB, SD card and AUX Compatibility

    Inspired audio performance, anywhere you go

    .Voice prompts that talk you through Bluetooth® pairing.

    7 hours of unplugged play time

    Package Includes ,1 x Bose Soundlink 2+ ,  1 x Aux Cable And 1 x Micro Usb charging Cable



    Product information

    Music can be enjoyed everywhere.  It connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device, so you can listen to your music, videos or games anytime, anywhere. And the built-in speakerphone lets you take calls out loud, too.The soundlink® mini Bluetooth speaker ii delivers full, natural sound with dramatically deeper bass than you’d expect from an ultra-compact speaker that fits in the palm of your hand.it is best fit little product but fulfill big today’s need of music lover

    Key Features:

    Big performance, small size

    Easy operation, elegant design

     Plays where you play

    Bluetooth connectivity


    Speaker: 2″ H x 7.1″ W x 2.3″ D (1.5 lbs.)

    Wireless range up to 30 ft. (10 m)

    Battery life up to 10 hrs.

    Power rating: 100 – 240V


    Charging cradle: 0.63″ H x 6.2″ W x 2″ D (2.8 oz.)

    Wall charger: 2.65″ H x 1.9″ W x 0.6″ D


    Cable: 59.1″ L

    3.5 mm auxiliary

    Micro-USB port

    Package Includes:

    1x charging cradle

    1x Cable

    1x Wall charger

    1x SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth speaker II small box

  • Hulk 2.1 Wireless Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker

    Store: Space-Tech
    • 12 month warranty
    • Bluetooth
    • 6.25 inch woofer
    • USB/SD card support 
    • Remote control


    Key features

    It has Built-in FM radio (USB cord is antenna).Compact size.AUX in.FM radio (auto search, station memory).microSD TF card playback.playback from USB flash drive.playback via AUX (possibility to connect phone, tablet, etc.) .it can be Synchronized with devices via Bluetooth. Two loud and high-quality speakers with two subwoofers. Hands-free function too available in it


    The range of reproduced frequencies: 100Hz-18kHz

    SNR:> 80dB

    Power-charge: USB DC 5V

    Wireless connection: Bluetooth

    Maximum Power: 6W (2 * 3W)

    Battery: Li-ion polymer (3.7V, 1500mAh)

    Weight: 350gr

    Colors: black/blue/red

    Charging time: 4 hours (1.8A)

    Working time: up to 5 hours

    Dimensions, mm: 165 x 70

    Package Includes thses pieces 1x Speaker JBL Charge Mini 3+

    1x Micro USB

  • JBL Charge2+ Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Charge2+ Bluetooth Speaker –


    Charge2+ is a modern Technological device perform two functions simultaneously. It has a big battery, giving it a solid 2.5 hours of play time. That means you can probably forget about charging it on a long weekend getaway or camping trip. It is quite the best sound boomer and it is very close with solid base and very clear quality sound and pleased to music lover


    Frequency: 75 Hz – 20 kHz

    Speakers: 2 x 7.5W

    Signal to noise Ratio: 80dB

    Key Features

    Splash proof

    Passive radiators

    Built-in battery

    Rechargeable battery

    USB charging port

    Package Includes

    1 x JBL Charge 2+

    1 x Aux cable

    1 x Manual

    1 x Micro USB cable

  • JBL Charge3+ Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Charge3+ Bluetooth Speaker –

    Detail:  JBL charge 3+ provide you both essentially needed thing for example a portable power bank and a modern BT speaker all in one package. The Charge 3 takes the party everywhere, durable fabric and rugged housing. Its high-capacity battery provides 2-3 hours of playtime and can charge your smartphones and tablets via its USB output.it is necessarily a need of everyone


    Feature: Bluetooth 

    Interface Type: USB 

    Compatible: Universal 

    Playback Function: MP3 

    Speaker Type: Subwoofer 

    Channel: 4.1 

    Type: HiFi 

    Special Feature: Portable 

    Radio: Yes 

    Package Includes

    1 x JBL Charge 3+ speaker and 1 x Micro USB cable

  • Mini (TWS) True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Charging Case

    Store: Nezi

    Detailed Determine Sound Quality with Bluetooth 5.0

    The headset uses a ring magnetic circuit design. Built-in 320 resistor increases the sensitivity of the headset. CVC8.0 noise reduction level, eliminate noise around, make human voice delicate

    • Automatic Pairing
    • TWS Blutooth 5.0
    • CVC Noise Reduction
    • Pickup to Power On
    • Charging Case
    • 4 hours music time
  • MOVE Wireless Neck Band Bluetooth Earphone

    Store: Space-Tech
    • 6 month warranty
    • Bluetooth 4.2
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Sporty earbuds
    • Integrated microphone
    • Flexible neckband
    • on board controls
    • Rechargeable battery
  • QCY T5S TWS True Wireless Earbudds Bluetooth

    QCY T5S True Wireless Bluetooth Headset. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, stronger and quicker voice transmission. Comfortable to wear, designed for better gaming experience. With game mode, as low as 65ms game delay. Come with 600mAh charging dock for battery life. CVC 6.0 and DSP noise reduction technology. Support Voice Assistant, APP Setting, Pop-up Windows.

  • Roar Trolley Speaker Series 12”

    Store: Space-Tech
    • 12 month warranty
    • Bluetooth
    • Wireless headgear mic, 
    • Wired karaoke mic, 
    • Trips speaker stand
    • Repeat & delay effect
    • Live recording function
    Store: Space-Tech

    Roar Trolley Speaker Series 12”

  • Roar Trolley Speaker Series 15”

    Store: Space-Tech
    • 12 month warranty
    • Bluetooth
    • Wireless headgear mic,
    • Wired karaoke mic,
    • Tripod speaker stand,
    • Repeat & delay effect, 
    • Live recording function
    Store: Space-Tech

    Roar Trolley Speaker Series 15”

  • Rock HFQ6S Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

    Rock HFQ6S Bluetooth Wireless Speaker –

    it is convenient to carry this product with you everywhere. You are able to answer the phone, using Bluetooth to connect the phone, the speaker with a microphone, you can easily use, zero radiation, good for the body. Can be inserted U disk / TF Card (mobile phone memory card) play MP3 music songs. Appearance ABS plastic rubber oil or UV paint perfect casting, texture extraordinary, fashion trends. Support all Bluetooth mobiles.Product is equipped with foam wrap, transport safer. Wireless Bluetooth transmission, to solve the problem caused by the usual long wire short wires! It is a wireless based technology have no wire

    Technological ingredients

    ·         Battery Life: 3-4 Hours

    ·         Compatible: Universal 

                Playback Function:MP3  

    ·         Speaker Type: Subwoofer  

    ·         Special Feature: Wireless  

    ·         Radio: Yes

    ·        Loudspeaker Accommodation Mode: Button  

    ·         Channel:2.1  

    ·         Interface Type:USB  

    ·         Remote Control:No  

    ·         Feature:Bluetooth3.0  

    Package Including 1 x Rock HF-Q6S Bluetooth Speaker and 1 x micro Sub charging cable

  • Space Tech Pulse True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    Store: Space-Tech

    Space Tech Pulse True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    Truly Wireless

    Wires? We left them behind in 2019. 2020 is all about being truly wireless and so are the Pulse Wireless Active Earphones. There are absolutely no wires, making the earphones very practical. Sometimes, you’d genuinely forget they’re in your ears.

    Robust Sound 

    Don’t settle for anything less than perfection because perfection is what we’re offering you. With Pulse Wireless Active Earphones, listen to your favorite music in incredible quality. The earphones are capable of enormous volume while having no negative impacts on sound quality.

    Ear-Hook Secure Fit

    Allows you to securely fit the earphones pair around your ears so you can carry on with your exercise or day to day activity without having them constantly falling out.

    Onboard Controls And Microphone

    Equipped with onboard controls and inbuilt microphone for better control over music and communication during calls.

    Sweat Resistant

    Work up a sweat while dancing? Worried the sweat will damage your earphones? Worry no more. The sweat resistant feature gives the Pulse Wireless Active Earphones protection against sweat damage.

  • Space Tech Rock Portable Wireless Speaker

    Store: Space-Tech

    Sound And Light That Resonates
    There are times where you’re in a fantastic place with people you truly love and cherish but something is amiss. It may not seem evident at first but it is the visual and the audio aesthetics that are often missing from such hangouts. The Rock Portable Wireless Speaker – a speaker with sound quality that resonates and fusion LED light which flashes in sync with the music, adds aesthetics you didn’t even know were missing.

    Wireless Connectivity
    Don’t let cords tie you down. Bluetooth technology allows the speaker to connect to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices without effort. However, should there be a need, the Rock Portable Wireless Speaker also offers connectivity via USB port, aux cable and TF card. In addition, it also connects to FM radio.

    Lasting Battery
    The battery is sufficient enough to last during a long hang out with friends and family. With 3 to 4 hours of charge, the Rock Portable Wireless Speaker will play music for just as long.

  • Studio 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker System

    Store: Space-Tech
    • 12 month warranty
    • Bluetooth
    • 2.1 multimedia sound system – 4″ woofer, 
    • LED display
    • USB
    • FM & REMOTE


    Demonstration of product

    Through this device transmission and receiving can be done simultaneously, product user can send and receive all the audio freely and easily. , it also supports online games, television, movies, real time voice transmission.through this Product, you can cast the music in your phone to the audio equipment, more convenient is that you can also make television, CD player, MP3 or any other audio device sent to the speakers or headphones with Bluetooth

    Technological features:

    Bluetooth range: 10M

    Built-in-battery: 600MA

    Charging time: 2H

    Charging voltage: DC 5V

    Attach any Bluetooth device

    Supports online games, television, movies, real time voice transmission



    Playing time: 8H

    Product comes with following accessories

    1x Charging cable

    1x 3.5mm audio connecting cable

    1x One for two patch cord audio connecting cable

    1x Wireless 2-in-1 audio receiver and transmitter

    1x User manual


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