• 3M 5N11 N95 Particulate Filter + 3M™ Gas and Vapour Cartridge, A1, 6051 +Filter Retainer 501, Respiratory Protection

    Store: Zabardast

    Approved 3M system component designed to hold  3M  5N11 N95 Particulate Filter + 3M™ Gas and Vapour Cartridge, A1, 6051 +Filter Retainer 501

    (Mask not included)

  • 3M 6035 P3R Particulate Filter, Pair

    Store: Zabardast

    3M 6035 P3R Particulate Filter

    Providing users with breathing protection for hazardous environments is at the front line of safety within a multitude of environments, 3M’s particulate filter offers protection against solid and liquid particles. Forming part of their 6000 series this filter can connect to any half or full-face reusable mask from 3M that has a bayonet-style connection. It’s important to maintain a high level of protection when using a face mask, the sprung connection enables a user to achieve a quick and easy face seal check.

  • 3M 7502 Half Face + 3M™ Particulate Filter 2135

    Store: Zabardast

    Advance silicone material for increased comfort and greater durability

    Proprietary 3M™ CoolFlow™ valve helps makes breathing easier

    Dual-mode head harness adjusts easily for either standard or drop-down mode

    Exhalation valve cover directs exhaled breath and moisture downward to reduce fogging

  • 3M 9925 FFP2 Valved Disposable Face Mask

    Store: Zabardast

    Price indicated is for one mask

    The 3M 9925 FFP2 valved Face Mask is fume mask specifically designed for applications, rated at FFP2 it will give you the protection you need against oil and water based mists, fine dusts, metal and ozone.

  • 3M Face Shield WP 96 With Headgear H8A

    Store: Zabardast

    3 M Face Shield Wp96 with Headgear H8A.

    3M wp96 face shield Features:

    • Molded polycarbonate face shield provides impact protection
    • Mounts quickly to 3M headgear (sold separately)
    • Installation to headgear requires no tools, snaps or cams
    • Developed for use in metalworking, utilities and many other industries
    • Meets the high impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003
    3M H8A Headgear Features
    • Ratchet headgear for use with 3M Face shields (sold separately)
    • High strength thermoplastic crown provides impact resistance
    • Adjustable ratchet suspension with five position crown strap offers a customized fit
    • Developed for use in metalworking, woodworking, utilities and many other industries
    • Meets the high impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003

  • 3M Full Face piece, 6800 medium. 6900 Large

    Store: Zabardast

    This Mask is Available for Bank Transfer or Easy paisa

    NOT available for Cash On delivery

    Soft, silicone face seal for greater comfort and durability

    Wide field of vision. Polycarbonate, high impact visor

    Simple and easy to use

    Well balanced, four strap head suspension which is easy to put on and take off

  • 3M Particulate Respirator 8210V, N95

    Store: Zabardast

    Proprietary 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve helps keeps wearer cool

    Cushioning nose foam

    Adjustable noseclip helps provide a custom and secure seal

    Advanced electrostatic media is designed for ease of breathing

    Store: Zabardast

    3M Particulate Respirator 8210V, N95

  • 3M-6200 Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator + 3M™ Particulate Filter 2135

    Store: Zabardast

    Medium size version, with flter (3M 2135)
    Economical, low-maintenance, simple to handle and extremely lightweight reusable half face respirator.
    Head harness cradle suspension is designed for a comfortable fit.
    Lightweight elastomeric material for comfort during long periods of work.
    Low profile design minimizes interference with field of view.
    Twin filter design provides lower breathing resistance.
    Bayonet connection fitting system to a broad range of filters to protect against gases, vapors and particulates.

    Style Name:Respirator

    Pattern Name: Face piece Respirator

    3M 6200 half face respirator, medium.
    3M half face piece reusable respirators offer the user comfort and convenience.
    Reusable, just dispose of the cartridge and filters when used to capacity. The swept back design of the cartridges improves balance and visibility.
    Can be disassembled, cleaned and reused. Very light-weight. Easy to adjust head straps.
    P2 approved for use against particulates and a variety of gases and vapors at concentrations up to 10
    times the exposure limit, when used with approved and properly selected cartridges and/or filters.

  • 3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator, FFP1, Valved, 9312

    Store: Zabardast

    Flat fold disposable P1 respirator offering reliable, effective protection against low levels of fine dust & mists
    Low breathing resistance filter technology for easier breathing through your shift
    Ingenious 3-panel design that accommodates greater facial movement during speech so much more comfortable to wear
    3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve helps reduce heat build-up in hot and humid conditions

  • 3M™ Disposable Respirator, FFP2, Valved, 8822

    Store: Zabardast

    Disposable P2 respirator offering reliable, effective protection against fine particles
    The cup shape, twin strap design, nose foam and nose clip ensure comfortable wear over a range of face sizes
    Durable, collapse resistant inner shell
    The lightweight, twin-strap design, nose foam and nose clip help provide a comfortable, custom fit

  • 3M™ Health Care Particulate Respirator 1860, N95

    Store: Zabardast
    • NIOSH Approved: N95
    • Helps protect against certain airborne biological particles
    • Fluid resistant and disposable
  • 3M™ Particulate Filter 2135

    Store: Zabardast

    This filter, when used for protection against the contaminants as specified, is capable of providing the following protection levels:
    – With a 3M 6000/7500 Series Half Face Respirator: for particles, for airborne concentrations up to 10 times the Workplace Exposure Standard (WES)

    Made from 3M high performance filter media for effective filtration efficiency

    Lightweight and provides low breathing resistance

    3M™ Bayonet Connection System ensures precise and secure locking

    Low profile and well balanced twin filter design

  • 3M™ Particulate Filter 5N11, N95 (Pair)

    Store: Zabardast

    NIOSH approved for environments containing certain non-oil-based particles
    Use on top of 3M gas and vapor cartridges with 3M™ 501 Retainer when particles are also present
    Use on top of 3M™ 603 Filter Holder and 3M™ 501 Retainer to reduce particulate exposure
    Replaceable particle filter for cost savings

    Store: Zabardast

    3M™ Particulate Filter 5N11, N95 (Pair)

  • 3M™ Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

    Store: Zabardast
    • NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles
    • Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal
    • Cushioning nose foam
    • Lightweight construction promotes greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time
    Store: Zabardast

    3M™ Particulate Respirator 8210, N95

  • 3M™ Virtua™ AP Protective Eye wear 11819-00000-20DP, Clear Hard Coat Lens

    Store: Zabardast

    Economy-rated glasses merge style, fit, lightweight comfort, and affordability
    Integrated side-shields provide additional protection
    Wraparound design provides extended eye protection and unobstructed viewing
    Contoured temples fit comfortably and snugly

  • Aicare A66 Forehead Thermometer (With CE Certificate)

    Store: Zabardast

    32 groups of memory storage

    °C / °F Switch Function

    Fever Alarm

    Highly Accurate for Human use

    Forehead type thermometer

    Large LCD Screen Display

    Automatic Shutdown Function

  • Al-Arij Multi-Purpose Sanitizer

    Store: Zabardast

    Disinfectant Spray
    Multi-Purpose Sanitizer
    Kills 99.9% Germs
    Hand and Body
    Hard Surface
    Soft Surfaces
    Air Sanitizer
    Kills harmful bacteria, flu viruses, Corona, congo, E.colo and more! powerful formula, kills 99.9% bacteria in just 30 seconds.

  • Certeza Pulse Oximeter PO-907

    Store: Zabardast

    Measurement of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate(pulse)

    – Audio and Visual alarm function
    – Pulse Curve display
    – Automatic switch-off
    – Anti shaking
    – Display with 4 variable views
    – Big font display
    – Low power indicator
    – incl. 2 x 1.5 v AAA batteries
    – incl. pouch and strap

    Store: Zabardast

    Certeza Pulse Oximeter PO-907

  • DEDAKJ DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator 1-6L/min made in Germany (For Lahore Only)

    Store: Zabardast

    Main Features:

    Negative ion function for 6million per cm3
    Timing function for 180min at most
    Power saving model
    Sleeping model
    Auto power off for protection
    The infrared remote control
    Oxygen-producing accumulated
    Function of system-board oxygen
    Support for 2 people breathing oxygen at same time
    Function of full touchable screen control

  • Disinfection Unit

    Store: Zabardast

    + 92-331-4120794 پر کال کریں اور اپنی مطلوبہ ضروریات کے مطابق اپنا آرڈر بک کروائیں

    ڈس انفیکشن یونٹ جس میں جراثیم کشی یا سینیٹائزر سپرے کرنے کے لئے ڈیزائن کیا گیا ہے ، جس میں ایڈجسٹ مائع ٹینک کی گنجائش ہے اور خود کار طریقے سے آن / آف موشن سینسر سسٹم ہے۔ اعلی حسب ضرورت کی وجہ سے قیمت اس کے مطابق مختلف ہوتی ہے۔ اپنے آرڈر کو بُک کرنے کے لئے برائے مہربانی + 92-331-4120794 پر کال کریں۔ تمام سائز اور افعال آپ کی ضروریات کے مطابق ہوسکتے ہیں۔
    تجویز کردہ سائز:
    2050x1060x2390 MM (نوٹ: آپ کی ضرورت کے مطابق سائز تبدیل کیا جاسکتا ہے)

    Call +92-331-4120794 to get quotation and Book your order as per your tailored needs

    A disinfection unit designed to spray disinfectant or sanitizer, with adjustable liquid tank capacity and automatic on/off motion sensor system. due to high customization price varies accordingly. Please call +92-331-4120794 to book your order. All sizes and functions can be tailored to your needs.
    Suggested Sizes:
    2050x1060x2390 MM (Note: size can be changed as per your requirement)

  • DUPONT™ Tychem® 2000 C TCCHA5TYL00

    Store: Zabardast

    DuPont™ Tychem® 2000 C. Hooded coverall. Available in bright yellow for high visibility and in sizes S to L. Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fit, thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up. Self-adhesive chin flap for tight seal of suit to face-masks.
    Made from a lightweight and durable fabric (<450g per garment), Tychem® 2000 C garments utilise the strength of Tyvek® and a polymeric barrier coating to offer good permeation barrier protection against a wide range of inorganic chemicals and biological hazards (even under pressure).
    Tychem® 2000 C is used for splash or pressurised splash protection in a variety of industrial environments, including pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Certified according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425
    Chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B
    EN 14126 (barrier to infective agents), EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination)
    Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) – on inside
    Stitched and over-taped seams with barrier tape for protection and strength
    Self-adhesive double zipper flap closure system for higher protection
    Chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B
    EN 14126 (barrier to infective agents)
    EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination)
    Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) – on inside
    Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fit, thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up. Washable 
    Name Description
    Full Part Number TCCHA5TYL00
    Fabric / Material Tychem® 2000 C
    Design Hooded coverall with elastics and thumb loops
    Seam Stitched and over-taped
    Color Yellow
    Sizes S,M,L

    Size     Chest Girth (in)      Body Height(in)

    S                 33-36                     5’4″-5’7″

    M               36-39                      5’6″-5’9″

    L                39-43                       5’8″- 6′

  • DUPONT™ Tychem® 6000 F

    Store: Zabardast

    DuPont™ Tychem® 6000 F. Hooded coverall. Available in grey for discretionary needs and in sizes S to L. Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fit, thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up. Self-adhesive chin flap for tight seal of suit to face-masks.
    Tychem® 6000 F garments are made from a lightweight and durable fabric (<500g per garment) consisting of a proprietary barrier film laminated to a heavy duty Tyvek® substrate. They offer excellent chemical permeation protection to an extensive range of chemicals, helping to protect personnel against numerous toxic industrial organic chemicals, highly concentrated inorganic chemicals (even under pressure), particulates, biohazards and certain chemical warfare agents.
    Tychem® 6000 F is used for a broad range of applications from chemical spill clean-up, emergency response, to military and petrochemical applications.

    Name Description

    Full Part Number TFCHA5TGY00

    Fabric / Material Tychem® 6000

    Design Hooded coverall with elastics and thumb loops

    Seam Stitched and over-taped

    Color Grey

    Sizes S,M,L

    Size    Chest Girth (in)     Body Height(in)

    S                33-36                    5’4″-5’7″

    M               36-39                    5’6″-5’9″

    L                 39-43                    5’8″- 6′

    Store: Zabardast

    DUPONT™ Tychem® 6000 F

  • DuPont™ Tyvek® Industry , Model CCF5 white

    Store: Zabardast

    DuPont Tyvek Industry Coveralls CCF5 [100] White
    DuPont™ Tyvek® Industry, model CCF5. Robust yet lightweight coverall (<180g per garment). Coverall with collar. Stitched internal seams. Elasticated wrists and ankles. Elasticated waist (stitched-in). Tyvek® zipper and flap. Chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type 5 and 6. EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination). Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) - on both sides. DuPont™ Tyvek® Industry coveralls help protect both wearers from hazards and processes and products from human contamination, all without compromising on comfort.

    Size        Chest Girth (in)       Body Height(in)  

    S                   33-36                         5’4″-5’7″

    M                 36-39                         5’6″-5’9″

    L                   39-43                        5’8″- 6′       

    Manufacturer Details

    Manufacturer DuPont
    Manufacturer Code CCF5

    Not Washable but can be disinfected with chemical spray

  • Face Shield

    Store: Zabardast

    Face Shield for direct splash protection available in 0.4mm and 0.95mm PVC

    Store: Zabardast

    Face Shield

  • Finger Pulse Oximeter Model YP-1

    Store: Zabardast

    Finger Pulse Oximeter Model YP-1

    Store: Zabardast

    Finger Pulse Oximeter Model YP-1

  • Forehead Infrared Thermometer NB20 – FDA Approved

    Store: Zabardast

    32 Record Save Data Memory
    Model: NB20-T-01
    Exchange between °C and °F
    FDA Approved

  • Khawla Defence Pepper Spray

    Store: Nezi

    Pakistan’s first Localy Manufactured Red Pepper Spray. Affordable and reliable, manufactured from a formula approved by PCSIR labs and passes through rigorous tests to ensure quality.  Produced to international standards, with a shelf life of 2 years. Features Maximum Strength – Power by 10% Oleoresin Capsicum, with a rating of 6 Million Scoville Heat Unit, and a range upto 8ft and fires 20 bursts which guarantees maximum strength.

  • Kinlee Non-Contact Thermometer

    Store: Zabardast

    Non-Contact Electronic Forehead Infrared Thermometer
    Designed for measuring data
    32 Memories of measuring data
    Use precision infrared probe
    Fahrenheit, Celsius optional mode
    High-Temperature alarm function

  • KN 95 H950V

    Store: Zabardast

    KN95 H950V

    Store: Zabardast

    KN 95 H950V

  • KN95 Mask

    Store: Zabardast

    FDA Approved

    KN95 Face Masks. Protective PPE face masks for filtering particulate, viruses, and microbes.
    KN95 masks are the Chinese version of N95 masks and are nearly identical. On April 3rd the FDA approved KN95 masks as a suitable alternative to N95 masks and the CDC lists KN95 and N95 masks to be equivalent in protection.

    Store: Zabardast

    KN95 Mask

  • KZED Model: KZED-8801 Non-contacting Infrared Thermometer

    Store: Zabardast

    FDA Approved
    KZED-8801 non contact thermometer has been clinically tested in several big teaching hospitals based regulatory standard, covering sufficient febrile and normal body temperature subjects with satisfied clinical repeatability and measuring accuracy comparing to the concurrent oral temperature measurement reading.

  • Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Total 10 65 ml

    Store: Emart

    *Image shown is indicative of actual product.

    * Product packaging of actual product delivered may differ based on region and recent stock.

    * We reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice as complied by our suppliers and manufactures

    * Terms and Conditions apply

    *We offer you the best branded product at lower price

  • Medical DISPOSABLE 3 PLY FACE MASK – 60 GSM (with Nose Pin)

    Store: Zabardast

    50 Pieces Pack (Color May Vary)

    20gsm per layer with total of 60gsm with strip

    3 Layers filter the air from Dust, Pollen, Allergies, Smoke, Pollution etc.

    Great full face coverage

    Soft elastic

    Color may vary from the product picture but quality will be same

  • N99 Mask 9500A 5 Layers

    Store: Zabardast

    N99 Mask 9500A with BDS Technology PM 2.5

    5 Layers

  • Rapid Instant Hand Sanitizer 60ml packing

    Store: Zabardast

    Instant Hand Sanitizer for clean & Germ Free Hands Kills 99.99% Non-Sticky Anti- Bacterial

    Require less time than hand washing.
    Act quickly to kill microorganisms on hand.
    Reduce bacterial counts on hands.
    Are less irritating to skin than soap and water.

  • RoHS Pulse Oximeter

    Store: Zabardast

    High Quality
    Independent switch, upper and lower limits
    Lightweight and convenient in carrying

    Store: Zabardast

    RoHS Pulse Oximeter

  • STOP Instant Hand Sanitizer

    Store: Zabardast

    STOP Instant Hand Sanitizer Kills 99.99% of illness causing germs
    with moisturizers and Vitamin E.
    Made from naturally renewable ethanol. Leaves Hands felling soft and safe

    Store: Zabardast

    STOP Instant Hand Sanitizer

  • Target Guard Disinfection

    Store: Zabardast

    Please specify rough area in order notes below shipping address during checkout for per square feet application.

    Target Guard is a universal, aldehyde and phenol free solution that provides cleansing liquid based on biguanide and quaternary ammonium compound for all water and wipe resistant surfaces of material devices in the infant area including incubators, industrial, diary, restaurants and industrial kitchen, food process and preparation area and even for dishes and cutlery.

    Store: Zabardast

    Target Guard Disinfection

  • Virocid

    Store: Zabardast

    Offers twice the protection of other disinfectants! In today’s production cworld, an efficient and continuous disinfection is a top priority. Virulent diseases not only skim profits away, they can even affect a whole industry. Every day, somewhere in the world, VIROCID® is being applied successfully in animal husbandry, fish farming, food processing, animal transport, aquaculture, hospitals, horticulture, personal hygiene, and feed storage. Where VIROCID® is being applied, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores have no chance. Safe for people, animals, and their environment. Characteristics: hospital grade disinfectant, highly efficient to kill bacteria, spores, viruses, and fungi, residual action, no resistance, very low dilution rate, extremely economical cost-in-use, versatile usage (spraying, foaming, fogging, booth dips, wheel dips), active at all temperatures, effective in hard water (even sea water), effective in presence of organic matter, and safe for equipment (neutral pH) and environment friendly. Use for daily disinfection of animal housing, animal transport and materials, storage and processing rooms for feed and food, food transport, boots, and wheels via dipping baths. Mixing/dilution ratios vary depending on the bacteria you wish to eliminate, the strongest recommended ratio is 1:200 by mixing 2/3 fl. oz. of concentrate per gallon of water. 1.33-gallon bottle of concentrated disinfectant.
    Virocid® is a concentrated disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium, glutaaraldehyde, and isopropanol. For all walls, surfaces, floors, rooms, and transport vehicles. Hospital grade registered in USA. TP3.

    Available packages 1 L 10 L 20

    Store: Zabardast



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