• Remax Jewellery Micro USB Data Cable RC058m

    Remax Jewellery Micro USB Data Cable RC058m –

    Product demonstration

     Stylishly modern designed micro USB data cable could be used as a jewelry as well as a Data cable in an amazing way

    Key Features

           Micro USB Data Cable  and Attractive design

    Package Includes

    1 x Remax jewelry data cable 

  • Remax Type C USB Cable 006A

    Remax Type C USB Cable 006A –

    It is made of high quality material with longevity. Shape of the cable using PVC material so it is not easy to break and easy to store because it will not wrinkle. Your data cable to transfer data from smartphones to other gadgets.it is compatible with all smart type C features phone

    Key Features

    This cable made of PVC so that the cable is very sturdy and strong, not easily broken or damaged

    This cable can be used to charge smartphones and data transfer.

    Compatible with all smartphones using the Type C USB port smartphone

    Package Includes

    1 x remax type c cable


    REMAX Type C USB CABLE RC 134A –

    Product demonstration

    Some mobiles are compatible with type C cable so Shape Of The Cable Using PVC Material is made, So It Is Not Easy To Break And Easy To Store Because It Will Not Wrinkle. Your Data Cable To Transfer Data From Smartphones To Other Gadgets.it is durable

    Key Features

    Compatible With All Smartphones Using The Type C USB Port Smartphone

    This Cable Can Be Used To Charge Smartphones And Data Transfer.

    This Cable Made Of PVC So That The Cable Is Very Sturdy And Strong, Not Easily Broken Or Damaged

    Package Includes

    1 X Remax Type C Cable

  • Romoss Micro USB cable CB05

    Romoss Micro USB cable CB05 –


    This is a standard Micro USB cable.. This is very strong and not easy to break moreover it helps charging fast

    Key Features:

     Gold plated connector

    Corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors

     Foil & braid shielding provide maximum conductivity and minimize data loss


    Supports Plug and Play, supports 2.1A fast charging

    USB 2.0 standard high speed rate up to 480 Mb/s

    Fully compatible with PC and Mac


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