• Aspor A323 Power bank 10000mAh

    Aspor A323 Power bank 10000mAh –

    Detail:  Powerbank Aspor A323, 10,000mAh. Now You can freely charge the tablet phone while on the road. The portable battery has a led indicator, which allows you to monitor both the charging process of the Powerbank and the charge consumption. The battery case is made of impact-resistant plastic with Softouch coating.Two USB connectors that can deliver up to 2 A., which greatly speeds up the time of your device. Two tablet can be charged at the same time


    Input:1 x DC 2A max

    Output 2 x 2A

    Capacity: 10000mAh

    Package Includes

    1 x Aspor A323 power Bank



    Product Demonstration –

     Being outside home or in a business trip the Charging mobile phone has always been a problem. To solve this riddle with the help of universal mobile battery Aspor 6000 mAh Silver. The small weight of the device and its compactness allow you to carry it in your pocket, purse or bag, because the Aspor 6000 mAh Silver does not take up much space. The device has an attractive design, convenient and useful. By using this product you are free of battery low trouble and continue your business task, entertainment and whatever

    Prominent features

    6000 mAh Capacity

    Li-ion Battry

    1 x USB Output

    Package includes

    1 x Aspor 6000mAh power Bank

    1 x Micro USB charging Cable

  • Baseus Mini S Bracket 10W Wireless Charger Power bank 10000mAh 18W

    Store: Baseus

    Wireless Fast Charging and Wired Fast Charging 2-in-1; Upgrade Large Coil to Realize 10W Wireless Fast Charging; Bi-directional Cable Fast Charging with 18W PD+QC; The mobile phone bracket function makes chase drama easier

  • Core External Power Bank 20000 mAh

    Store: Space-Tech


    The Core External Power Bank offers you so
    much more than a regular Power Bank! Not only does it make you forget your
    worries of charging your device next to a power point, it also makes you forget
    charging your Power Bank!

    Ten Full

    With its enormous capacity of 20000
    mAh, the Power Bank allows you to charge your device up to 10 times!

    USB Port

    The Dual USB port allows you to charge two
    devices side by side. Save time instead of having to wait to charge another


    The modern and sleek
    LCD display is another stunning feature. The display shows you in percentage,
    the remaining battery available in the Power Bank so you are constantly
    reminded. Order yours now and witness how convenient life can become!

  • JBL Charge2+ Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Charge2+ Bluetooth Speaker –


    Charge2+ is a modern Technological device perform two functions simultaneously. It has a big battery, giving it a solid 2.5 hours of play time. That means you can probably forget about charging it on a long weekend getaway or camping trip. It is quite the best sound boomer and it is very close with solid base and very clear quality sound and pleased to music lover


    Frequency: 75 Hz – 20 kHz

    Speakers: 2 x 7.5W

    Signal to noise Ratio: 80dB

    Key Features

    Splash proof

    Passive radiators

    Built-in battery

    Rechargeable battery

    USB charging port

    Package Includes

    1 x JBL Charge 2+

    1 x Aux cable

    1 x Manual

    1 x Micro USB cable

  • JBL Charge3+ Bluetooth Speaker

    JBL Charge3+ Bluetooth Speaker –

    Detail:  JBL charge 3+ provide you both essentially needed thing for example a portable power bank and a modern BT speaker all in one package. The Charge 3 takes the party everywhere, durable fabric and rugged housing. Its high-capacity battery provides 2-3 hours of playtime and can charge your smartphones and tablets via its USB output.it is necessarily a need of everyone


    Feature: Bluetooth 

    Interface Type: USB 

    Compatible: Universal 

    Playback Function: MP3 

    Speaker Type: Subwoofer 

    Channel: 4.1 

    Type: HiFi 

    Special Feature: Portable 

    Radio: Yes 

    Package Includes

    1 x JBL Charge 3+ speaker and 1 x Micro USB cable

  • Mini External Power Bank

    Store: Space-Tech

    World’s Smallest
    Power Bank

    Let not the name and size of the Mini External
    Power Bank MI-036 fool you! This compact Power Bank offers a mind baffling
    amount of juice for your devices given its size. Literally smaller than your
    phone, it could be carried anywhere with great convenience. Buy the world’s
    smallest Power Bank now and relieve yourself from the hassle of carrying a
    large, inconvenient power bank and the hassle of running out of battery in
    times of emergencies.

    Built-In Cables

    Sturdy built, smart features – the Mini External
    Power Bank MI-036 comes with a built-in Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB
    connector to relieve you of the charging troubles. No worries if you forgot
    your charging cable at home in a hurry, the Power Bank is here to keep you
    charged all day long.


    Not one, not two, not three but charge four
    devices at once. The extremely compact Mini External Power Bank MI-036 gives
    you the freedom to charge four different devices simultaneously with the same
    power via its 3 built-in cables and efficient USB port.

    Modern Battery

    The Mini External Power Bank MI-036 comes equipped
    with a modern battery display to keep you aware of the battery level no matter
    where you are. It’s time to always keep your phone active and create memories
    without the fear of your phone dying at important times



    Product demonstration –

    According to exceedingly usage of Electronic devices this Power Bank 10000mAh launched by Remax to  keep your gadgets charged up. This portable Power Bank is just what you need to charge your gadget!The modern technology of this Power Bank makes it compatible with all the mobile phones, iPods, mp3 players and digital camera as well. The over voltage and over charge protection is what makes it more durable and reliable as compared to other Power Banks. Its quality never put you to compromise with technology


    Input: DC5V-2.0 A

    Capacity: 10000mAh (38.5Wh)

    Material: PC + ABS + UV

    Input: Micro USB * 1

    Output: Lightning * 1, Type-C * 1 USB

    Package Includes

    1 x Remax RPP-153 Power Bank

    1 x Micro Charging Cable


    The Romoss OM10 10000mAh Power Bank is characterized by modern technology  With Three Separate Input Ports (Micro USB, Lightning And Type C) You Will Be Able To Keep A Wide Array Of Devices Charged. It Has Dual USB Outputs, Which Allows Two Devices To Charge Simultaneously. The Romoss OM10 Utilizes Fit Charge Technology Which Gives It The Capability To Recognize Device Specific Charging Requirements. This Makes The OM10 Compatible With A Wide Variety Of Devices.It help charging fast along with keeping battery health original


              Adequate Power: The 10,000mAh Capacity Gives 4 Full Charges To IPhone 8, 2 Full Charges To Samsung Galaxy S9, Or 1 Full Charge To IPad Mini 2.

    Precise Power Display: The Digital LED Indicator Displays Precise Battery Percentage.

    Half Size Of An IPhone X: Super Compact Size Of 3.7 X 2.7 X 0.9 Inches Makes It Easy To Hold In Hand Or Fit Perfectly In Your Pocket Or Purse.

        3 Inputs & 2 Outputs: Micro-USB, Lightning And USB Type-C – Enjoy The High Convenience Of Recharging This Power Bank With Any Of These 3 Widely Used Cables. 2 USB Outputs Can Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously At Maximum Speed Up To 2.1 Amps.


  • Speed PD + QC 3.0 22.5W Power Bank Series 10000 mAh

    Store: Space-Tech

    Bold Design,
    Efficient Battery

    The eye-catching, bold design of the all-new Speed
    PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank [SP-071] exceeds all expectations. Its midnight black
    body holds an efficient, grade-A 10000 mAh battery to keep the work flowing no
    matter what.

    Qualcomm Quick
    Charge 3.0

    Keeping up with the fast, changing world, the
    SP-071 is another high-tech addition to our flagship Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power
    Bank Series. Now fuel your Quick Charge (QC) supported devices up to 70% in a
    mere 35 minutes and experience the true power of speed.

    22.5W Power

    The Power Bank’s PD or Power Delivery feature
    boasts a 22.5W high output – more than the Speed Series’ earlier models. The
    same PD Type-C port can also be used as input to recharge the Power Bank at
    rapid speed, allowing you to save a lot of time.

    Modern LCD

    Leave behind the stress of losing your power at
    the most needed times. The New Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank’s LCD Display keeps
    you updated on the remaining battery so that you always stay ready whenever the
    adventure calls.

  • Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank Series 20000 mAh

    Store: Space-Tech

    Qualcomm Quick
    Charge 3.0

    The world is moving fast, and so is our flagship
    Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank Series. Experience super charging speed – up to
    70% charge in 35 minutes on quick charge enabled devices with this dual port
    Power Bank.

    PD Technology
    The Power Bank’s PD or Power Delivery feature boasts a 18W high output. The
    same PD Type-C port can also be used as input to recharge the Power Bank at
    rapid speed, allowing you to save a lot of time.

    Metallic Body

    Speed PD + QC Power Bank’s rustic grey, metallic
    coating is surely a head-turner. Its sleek, durable body makes the Power Bank a
    super attractive choice.

    LCD Display

    The Power Bank comes equipped with a gigantic 20000 mAh battery capacity enough
    to charge a general smartphone up to a whole 10 times. To track the Power
    Bank’s remaining juice, we’ve integrated an LCD display that is both, modern
    and practical.


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